STFU, Conservatives

a-bit-unlikely said: Oh and: I had mono and the flu during my first trimester. I lost 50 pounds because I couldn't keep anything down (mono + flu + morning sickness). Then, because of a spinal surgery from my childhood, when I was about to give birth - I thought my spinal cord had fractured so they had to induce. The induction didn't take and they had to try -4- times. Ever had an induction? It feels like someone is ripping your uterus out through your belly button.

praxis-makesperfect-deactivated said: i had cancer when i was a child and they gave me a medicine that causes heart deterioration under certain situations. its been 13 years since i've been cancer-free but my long term oncology team tells me that I *have* to tell doctors if I ever get pregnant or decide that I want children because my heart could literally collapse.

takeoliveme said: After 28 hrs of labor, no pain medication whatsoever, I ended up having an emergency C-section. 10 days later my incision split open bc of an internal infection. At the ER, Drs decided to leave the wound open to heal on it own, instead of stitching me back up bc they were afraid the infection would come back. It took 4 mos. to heal and I was on bedrest during that time. Its been 5 yrs and I still get shooting pains in my abdomen so bad it makes me cry. There's your "discomfort".

takeiteasymountainface said: I'm a type 1 diabetic, which required me to be monitored quite frequently throughout my pregnancy (doc visits twice a week+many many tests+nine months equals big doctor bills) and I also had the flu and three ear infections all before my first trimester was even over. I was induced and went through horrible vomiting during my day full of labor, and my daughter decided to come out elbow first when I could push. I love her dearly, of course, and oh the stories I'll tell her when she's older...

coffeestainedanchors said: When I was pregnant and visiting my husband in Italy (after clearing it with 3 docs that it was ok to travel) I got diagnosed with cervical incompetence at 24 weeks and was 2 cm dialated and was medically evacuated to Germany. I was put on strict bed rest (not even able to get up and shower on my own) until my delivery date in mid-April. I spent 12 weeks in the hospital and had my husband not been in the military allowing for us to have free healthcare we would have been drowning in debt.

face-down-asgard-up said: I developed PICA during my pregnancy and was craving things like ice cubes and chalk ( This was traced back to an iron deficiency that got worse when i became pregnant ). I also developed sciatica which leaves me in horrible pain at least once a month. I can hardly walk on those days. And I'm one of the luckier ones! I love my kid, but "9 months of discomfort" is something only someone who will NEVER EVER get pregnant would say. It is fatal for many women or nearly.

2ndhersesameasthe1st said: [tw: drugs, tokophobia, dysphoria] I was pregnant for 9 weeks. The resulting dysphoria and severe tokophobia relate issues resulted in a drug addiction relapse and several self harm attempts including uncontrollable punching myself in the gut. If I did carry to term and not kill myself I'd be in a wheelchair full time because of my arthritis. Discomfort my ass.

charcoalsobriquet said: My mom was bedridden for months after experiencing massive hemorrhaging while pregnant with my younger brother. She's recently undergone two surgeries to repair pregnancy and birth related damage to her pelvic floor, surgeries that she couldn't afford if she weren't lucky enough to have health insurance. My brother and I are in our 20s. Tell me how the fuck that's just a couple of months of discomfort.

From anon:

"I’m sorry for submitting this in the submit button, but I wish to remain anonymous.  The woman I am talking about has had to deal with enough crap dealing with this.

Before my mother had had me, she had been pregnant before.  The pregnancy was a miscarriage that had not completed.  By the time she had found out the fetus had died, it was beginning to rot inside of her.  She had no insurance, and the cheapest option to remove the fetus had been to go to an abortion clinic.  It it weren’t for them, she would have died, and I would not be here today.

She had told me about the antichoicers at the clinic that had physically pulled her away from the door, that had told her she was better off dead, because clearly she had done something to cause the miscarriage, and she should be punished.  It didn’t matter that the fetus was dead and killing her- she was in the wrong for going to remove it.

This is why I will always be pro-choice.  Time and time again, the anti-choicers have shown how little compassion they really have.  It’s not about the poor little fetus for them, really.  It’s about how much control they can have over uterus owners.”

porkchop-n-oscar said: I was sick for 9 months straight. Then when I had my boy, the dr decided that the placenta wasn't coming out fast enough, so he ripped it out of me. I almost bled out the next day. Three months later I got mastitis, an infection in my milk duct, that lead to a surgery where I had a 4 cm hole cut out of my breast and a week stay in the hospital. I'm pretty sure I have PSTD from this, and don't want to have more children. Child birth is beautiful!

contrarieties-deactivated201302 said: I have been fighting an eating disorder since I was 15. I was "recovered" when I got pregnant. Pregnancy made me relapse. The changes in hormones, my size, and weight in the first three months alone wreaked havoc on my mind. I wanted to take care of my baby, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I had an abortion at 3 months. I couldn't handle a pregnancy. I have no doubt that abortion saved my life because had I carried to term, the stress of pregnancy + my ED would have led to me take my life.

isnerdy said: I'm not a parent, but my mom is alive today, and was able to have me because she was able to get an abortion. We have a genetic blood-clotting disorder in our family. My mom started hemorrhaging with a previous pregnancy, and it just wouldn't stop. An abortion saved her life, and allowed her to later become pregnant with me. If abortion hadn't been an option, she would have died, I would never have been conceived. There would have been no way to save the previous pregnancy.

someauthorgirl said: I had a 40 hour labor and subsequently over a week in ICU (for me) and NICU (for my daughter), after two months of bed rest due to a uterine condition. As a side note to the anti-choicers, I am among the few actual members of the tax bracket known as middle class, who is insured, and this still took me 8 years to pay off. I was cut to pieces and nearly died during the process. Pregnancy and birth are super fucking easy, lol lol lol.

Anon submission:

A week after giving birth to my first child I peed myself in a public restroom while simultaneously squirting milk out one boob and blood out the other. It was super glamorous.  Pregnancy messes with your body for good.”

Another anon:

"I miscarried in my freshman year of college, shortly after my fiance was killed in Iraq. My roommate found me passed out in a pool of blood in the bathroom. I flatlined in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. I hadn’t known I was pregnant but given the circumstances I probably would have aborted if I’d known, I was in no shape to carry a pregnancy. And according to my doctor, an abortion would have been a lot less dangerous and less traumatic, physically and mentally, than the miscarriage ended up being."