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naughtylemonwhore said: I'm not a fan of Ron Paul's, but the point "He doesn't believe HIV causes AIDS" seriously needs citation. He's a doctor of medicine. That seems implausible. He also may have been misquoted. I work for an HIV prevention centre, and we are told that "It only takes a handful of opportunistic infections for a patient to slip into AIDS." You can live a full life with HIV and never have AIDs. The virus is not the cause. Its an infection that turns it into AIDs.

(ETA: WOW. I totally messed this up. It’s Rand Paul who believes this stuff, not Ron Paul — that we know of. They are both doctors. Fixed.)

Does Rand Paul question the HIV AIDS link?

Rand Paul belongs to a conservative group of doctors who question whether HIV causes AIDS. Here’s a report they put out about it. There’s an entire movement called “HIV deniers,” and Rand Paul has associated himself with it.

  1. aurric said: Also, I’d like to point out that what the submitter says is sort of true, but disingenuous at best. AIDS is a syndrome that results when a person is totally immunocompromised; HIV is the only known virus that results in an AIDS diagnosis.
  2. steviemcfly said: He founded that medical gro up.
  3. bookling-stormborn said: but you dont get aids without hiv. so hiv may not always cause aids, but aids is always caused by hiv.
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