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^that last comment (and the one before it)

I’m completely pro choice. However i personally couldn’t live with myself intentionally ending a life. But that might change depending on the circumstances, that’s why i advocate CHOICE.

Personally, I disagree with abortion after a certain gestation period. BUT I think it ESSENTIAL that the system should be fluid and clear and supportive enough to enable women to get abortions easier and with less shaming paperwork in order to get them earlier, thus doing the least harm to the life that is developing. Ie kill it while it’s cells akin to a tumor rather than a fully sentient life. Nip it in the early bud rather than when it’s a only-just flowering plant.

BUT. Yet again. That’s my choice. i think choice is the key word here.

My view is nothing to do with being on a high horse and looking down at people, and I resent the accusation immensely. But I personally could never do it and live the rest of my life with a clear conscience. Other people could.

Whereas I, for example, would happily use the morning after pill with a clear conscience, but many ladies don’t feel like they can.

pro choice i called pro choice because we have CHOICE.

Holy crap, look at what I bolded, that is why I’m reacting the way I’m reacting. I’ll admit I may have read to much into what I first posted, and I apologize for making a mountain out of a molehile, but the attitude above is what really pisses me off.

This is the false face of pro-choice, this is what makes abortion a negative “other”. If I’m the only person that sees this as seriously fucked up I’ll shut up and move on.


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    noooooooooooooooo…………….. some people just don’t like smoking. like myself. i’m not better than people who smoke...
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    I really don’t think it matters if people think it’s immoral, so long as they are pro-choice. I’m sure there are things...
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    If my life continues on exactly its predicted path that is in my head right now, I won’t need to get an abortion. If I...
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    I’m pro-choice because I shouldn’t have a say in what another person decides to do.
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    Yeah, I think he was more getting at the pro-choice folks who feel the need to qualify, such as, “I am pro-choice, but i...
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    well said.
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    I think the point here is that there are people who firmly believe most of their lives that they would never get an...
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    I CANNOT stand it when people say “Oh, I’m pro-choice! Even though I’d never get an abortion myself…” Because, really?...
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    I think being able to say that you are pro-choice even though you probably wouldn’t have an abortion is far from a...
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    I just felt the need to reblog this for the above post. Very well written.
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    lol hi guys i’m pro life cum @ me :)
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    I’m pro-choice because I am. And I’m going to leave it at that.
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    I have to disagree, Joe, with your position in general and particularly with your word choice. A person saying they’re...
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