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Rand Paul is filibustering John Brennan’s appointment as director of the CIA on the grounds that he wants some fucking answers about drones. And - and you know it pains me to say this, guys - he’s in the right. (About that one thing. THE ONE THING.) Background: Recently, Attorney General Eric Holder said the government has the right to use drones to kill US citizens on US soil without due process. Overseas, we’ve killed thousands of innocent children with drone misfires, including a teenager who was a US citizen. 

Rand Paul is (shudder) absolutely right to be demanding answers on why that’s OK and under what circumstances the government can use flying robots to murder people.

And I am personally sickened by the fact that no liberals are joining him, or that none of them brought it up. I know, sequester stuff, etc, they’ve been kind of busy. But this is something that should have been addressed a long time ago, and Rand Paul is doing a proper, Mr Smith Goes to Washington-style talking without stopping filibuster over it. It is absolutely shameful that no liberal is willing to take up the cause with him.

You know me. Typical lefty peacenik. I would prefer we didn’t do any military action overseas that wasn’t in response to a human rights violation. But if we must, I understand, IN THEORY, the idea of using unmanned vehicles to take out bad guys without putting our guys in the line of fire. But we have TOTALLY SUCKED AT DOING THAT. As I mentioned, we’ve killed a few thousand kids - KIDS - in other countries with drone strikes. And innocent adults. And there are no laws that say under what circumstances drones can be used, in the US or anywhere else.

So yeah. I grudgingly approve of what Rand Paul is doing out there. If every Republican filibustered this way, we wouldn’t need filibuster reform. And if the Democratic senators weren’t total cowards about this serious issue, we wouldn’t need to ever approve of Rand Paul under any circumstances.

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    I voted for Wyden too. He’s actually like a really good guy
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