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For #RoeAt40, all of my favorite pro-choice resources

As my long-time readers know, abortion is an issue I’m very passionate about. So passionate that I have a bookmarks folder simply labeled “Abortion” that has about 75 links in it. For your edification, some of my favorite response to pro-life ignorance:

"Banning abortions would decrease abortions."

Nope - abortion rates are the same in places where they’re illegal. But women and other pregnant people have to get dangerous illegal abortions, which are often unsanitary and not performed by medical professionals. Or worse, they do it themselves.

"Funding Planned Parenthood funds abortions, even though the Hyde Amendment prohibits it."

Actually! Federal funds for family planning prevent 800,000 abortions per year.

"Abortions cause breast cancer."

No. Really, no.

"Most women regret their abortions."

Also no. Here are some stories of women who don’t regret their abortions.

Yes, some people do regret their abortions. Some people regret not having one too. Some people regret having kids, and some people regret not having kids. Some people regret their hair cuts. “You might regret doing it” is not  a valid reason to make something illegal.

"Abortion causes mental illness."

The American Psychological Association put together a special task force to investigate if there is a link between getting an abortion and mental illness, and found no evidence to suggest that there is.

"Before Roe v. Wade, there weren’t abortions."

Ahahaha, no. Read this incredibly Mother Jones story about "The Way It Was" in America before legal abortion. Abortion has always existed and will always exist. The key is keeping it safe and legal and trying to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies through sex ed and accessible family planning.

"Just tough it out with the pregnancy for 9 months and give your child up for adoption."

First of all, pregnancy is not some “inconvenience” you “tough out.” A year ago, I asked my readers to submit stories from their own pregnancies with the tag #9months (whether they terminated the pregnancy or not). Read their stories here. Pregnancy is expensive, painful, and all-consuming. Every single aspect of your life is affected by it. It’s not like getting a root canal.

Second, giving your child up for adoption is actually a mental health risk, unlike abortion.

Third, there are hundreds of thousands of children in the foster care system right now who are waiting to be adopted. Unless you’re planning on giving up your white, perfectly healthy baby right after you give birth, your child will probably languish in the system for the majority of their lives.

"But I saw this Silent Scream video…"



If you’ve never read "The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion," please do. It’s very eye-opening about how pro-lifers justify their own abortions (yes, they get them). If you’re someone who is still conflicted about being pro-life or pro-choice, I highly recommend "How I Lost Faith in the Pro-Life Movement" for some eye-opening insight on the reality of the pro-life faction.

So at the end of the day, choice is important because 1) banning abortions doesn’t prevent them from happening, 2) women (and people with uteruses who don’t identify as women) have the right to have sex without giving up their body for nine months thereafter, 3) the only things that prevent abortion are thorough sex education and access to birth control.

If you have any specific questions about abortion, I will be answering them all day today.

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