STFU, Conservatives
If pro-life is anti-women, then pro-choice is anti-babies.




Your feminist rhetoric can suck my balls.

This is a thing? You’re trying to argue this? For real?

The “pro-life” political movement has attempted pass an alarming number of anti-uterus and anti-people in general legislation:

Here’s another list full of other various “pro-life” initiatives hurting women.

Wow, look at that. Can you just look at that? Those are just some of the attacks the “pro-life” movement has made on people, not just women, people. You also forget OP that 61% of the people who get abortions have babies- one or more[PDF]! You don’t even have to be in favour of abortion to be pro-choice, you just have to recognize it’s not you’re right to say what other people do with their bodies.

I give you the challenge, name one baby that was harmed by abortion. Not a fetus, not an embryo, a baby- which as you obviously don’t know is defined as a human person between the moment of birth to eleven months. We do not call children born fetuses, so stop referring to a gestating fetus as a child.

Hey, can I play?!

How about that baby that was crushed to death during an abortion?!

OH wait no that wasn’t during an abortion!

That was when a woman’s amniotic sack broke early, causing the fetus to no longer have a cushion and be CRUSHED BY THE MOTHER’S UTERUS and she was denied an abortion because pro-life legislation in her state forbid abortions at the week she was in because they thinking that fetus can feel pain at that stage (when science says otherwise!) BECAUSE SLOWLY BEING CRUSHED TO FUCKING DEATH isn’t painful. Right. Clearly, denying the woman an abortion to stop the fetus from suffering a painful death (even though science says the fetus can’t feel pain at this stage) is in the best interest of the fetus.


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