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RE: Pfc. Manning and the gender identity question
  1. princedavekat said: you should treat name changes as retroactive in the case of transitioning. if people dont know who breanna is they can google her and find out about her history in seconds
  2. littlefoots said: I wasn’t aware that it was for certain that Bradley had come out as Breanna, there were lots of mixed reports, including the possibility that Breanna was a persona.
  3.  flapjackstate said: Check this out:…
  4. mybodythehandgrenade said: I read that Bradley manning doesn’t wish to be referred to as breanna when it comes to the thing she was involved in but I am on my phone. Maybe one of your other followers can provide more info or correct me?

I’m publishing all of these because yeah, I can’t find a definitive answer as to whether or not Manning came out as a transgender woman, or if Manning is still in a transition/uncertain stage and/or has not formally requested people use female pronouns.

From the BBC:

His defence lawyer, David Coombs, highlighted emails his client had sent to a superior officer explaining that confusion about his gender identity was impacting on his ability to do his job.

Investigators admitted they had found evidence that Pte Manning had created an online alter ego called “Breanna Manning”.

According to a chat log published by Wired, Manning said:

“I wouldn’t mind going to prison for the rest of my life, or being executed so much, if it wasn’t for the possibility of having pictures of me… plastered all over the world press… as boy…”

That link goes to a great post on Global Comment about why supporters won’t accept Manning’s gender identity. However, a recent post from (the central resource for news about the ongoing investigation and trial) says this:

First, we should bear in mind the basis upon which some have made suppositions about Manning’s preferred gender identity. By and large, we are dealing with evidence that has not been established as fact. We can look at some Google searches found in forensic evidence, a smattering of late-night private chat logs, and potential testimony from those in whom Manning may have privately confided.

If these materials are to be believed, then it appears that Manning was questioning his gender identity. Manning’s lawyers have noted that he had sought counseling, but we don’t know if any final decision was ever made. We don’t know whether Manning wanted “Breanna” to be a primary identity, or if this was an alter ego that was never meant to be indicative of primary gender identification. We do know — from our own private conversations with friends and family members — that prior to his incarceration, Manning had not asked people to refer to him with a female pronoun.

The decision to transition – especially when it entails life-changing hormones or even surgery – isn’t something undergone lightly or quickly.  Like many who are unsure about their gender identification, Manning used the Internet as a sandbox to begin experimenting with these complex issues. Unfortunately, he was arrested and forced to undergo many torturous months in solitary confinement, without proper medical, social, and emotional support during this time of questioning. We don’t know whether he reached a final decision.

From the earliest stages, the Bradley Manning Support Network has sought to honor Manning’s choices. Early in the campaign, we reached out to Manning’s aunt and lawyer and asked what name he preferred we use in our advocacy. They got back to us to say that “Brad” or “Bradley” would be fine.

Since then, we’ve sent Bradley packages in the mail showing him the fliers, stickers, postcards, T-shirts and photos of rallies all emblazoned with the name “Bradley Manning.” Manning has issued three public statements since his incarceration: during his first Christmas behind bars he issued holiday wishes; after many long months in solitary confinement he released a multi-page letter describing his abusive conditions; and after the pretrial hearing in December, he communicated through his aunt that he appreciated our support.

Notably, he didn’t ask us to start referring to him as Breanna. Advocates for Manning have an obligation to respect his agency and use the pronoun he had preferred prior to his arrest. None of us has the right to switch pronouns for Manning unless he tells us otherwise.

So, I’m torn. Questioning your gender identity is not the same as changing it, and we shouldn’t change someone’s pronouns and name unless they ask us to. But at the same time, this is an unusual situation, because Manning is in prison and not really in a place (physically or mentally) where someone might want to announce a change in their gender identity.

Is it fair - or rather, is it right - to start using different pronouns or a new name for a public figure if they haven’t specifically asked the public to do so? My gut reaction would be to refer to Private Manning as Bradley Manning with male pronouns until Manning requests otherwise, with a note about Breanna being the possible preferred name/mentioning the gender identity question. Thoughts?

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    I don’t know what this means! Please say yes though. PLEASE.
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    Given that Manning has been in the military and is now in prison, I don’t think a formal request for preferred pronouns...
  5. aim2misbehave said: I think that using a female pronoun/name when the person in question has used a male pronoun and name and has not requested a change is almost like outing them, so I personally wouldn’t do it.
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    I would go with “B. Manning” and “they” pronouns, personally. Not only are they not in a position to comfortably request...
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  12. nerdesq said: The first name isn’t even needed at this point and them, they etc would be acceptable. PFC Manning, B. Manning, etc. are all ways to go about this. However, when using tags, I would still use Bradley Manning so as to make sure it is picked up.
  13. girlwithatardis said: If they haven’t specifically asked to be referred to with specific pronouns, I would refrain from changing the pronouns used to refer to them.
  14. thepsychoticfuckingbiotic said: Sounds like a solid solution to me. I wish someone would just ask Pvt. Manning so that everyone can get the record straight.
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  16. freemasonic-yowl said: My thought is that Manning’s gender identity is completely irrelevant to the barbaric conditions & torture zie is enduring while imprisoned for exposing crimes against humanity.
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