STFU, Conservatives

reallyfoxnews said: Urban Outfitters is problematic, but they also have a line of Obama t-shirts, not just Mitt Romney.

Yeah, I know. People just shouldn’t shop there, like, in general. Because they are awful. I know! Cute stuff! But they’re awful.

  1. skeptictank said: They shouldn’t shop there because of the Romney campaign contributions.
  2. mediacrisis said: Huh, and here I was thinking they sucked just by selling often stolen, overpriced, undersized clothing.
  3. localcreature said: You can buy a lot of the same items sold at UO through other retailers… Searching for the brands that they carry through google is a great way to find new stores.
  4. truthandbone said: Well luckily they don’t really have their own line it’s essentially a boutique so you can usually find what you like from another vender!
  5. alimarko said: Other than the fact that the white male conservative CEO donates money to anti-choice and anti-gay groups, the art sold there is often stolen from online artists. AWFUL STORE IS AWFUL.
  6. overratedunderwhelmed said: Well of course there’s also that their founder and CEO is super right-wing and donates tons to anti-choice groups and the like.
  7. bearonstilts said: They discontinued the pro-gay-rights tees. One opened in the mall near me that I go to a lot, I avoid that store like the plague.
  8. sweetlove-forplanetearth said: Currently having this exact rant on Facebook! The world needs to boycott UO,
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