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Joe here with an important announcement!

There’s going to be some very interesting and very exciting changes coming to STFU, Conservatives in the next couple weeks. How it’s all going to shake out remains to be seen but rest assured it’s gonna be big. However due to some of these changes it’s going to be best for me to leave STFU. Well, not so much leaving as it is spinning off.

My new blog is called Joegressivism and it’s going to be all the same politics and gags you’ve come to love (or possibly hate) that I would write about here. In the grand tradition of spin-offs I plan to move to Miami with a forgettable cast of characters… and maybe get a wisecracking ferret.

Oh Ameri-Ferret, you’re hilarious!

Anyways, I’m moving on and if you’ve ever enjoyed my posts on here I would humbly request a follow at


See you internet political space cowboy.

  1. chiquorinha said: Followed! I’ll miss you on here, but I’m glad Jess is hanging around and you have another blog as well. :)
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    signal boost
  3. sugaryumyum said: But STFUC is still in existence, yes?
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    Oh yeah, and spread the word around :).
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    To those of you who follow me here but not on STFU (I don’t think you even exist), I started a new politics blog...
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    I’m still trying to recobble all the best folks to follow from STFU so give me some time to rebuild.
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