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To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked 11 women from different countries to choose one reason we should celebrate this year.

• From the US: Jessica Valenti - let’s celebrate the backlash against sexism

• From Egypt: Adhaf Souef - let’s celebrate the women of Egypt’s revolution

• From India: Mari Marcel Thekaekara - let’s celebrate Indian women being more visible than ever

• From Sudan: Lubna Hussein - let’s celebrate the women of Sudan’s Nuba mountains

• From China: Lijia Zhan - let’s celebrate China leading the world in wealthy self-made women

• From Afghanistan: Orzala Ashraf Nemat - let’s celebrate Afghanistan’s grassroots activists

• From Norway: Maria Reinertsen - let’s celebrate more dad time for kids in Norway

• From Chile: Catalina May - let’s celebrate a belated discission about women’s rights in Chile

• From the UK: Anna Bird - let’s celebrate a new energy among UK feminist activists

• From Russia: Natalia Antonova - let’s celebrate women taking on the government

• From Saudi Arabia: Eman Al Nafjan - let’s celebrate the Saudi women’s driving campaign

Photographs: Reuters; Phil Moore for the Guardian; Manish Swarup/AP; AP; Janine Wiedel/Alam; AFP/Getty Images; David Wong/AP; AP

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