STFU, Conservatives







“The Salvation Army has refused assistance to gay couples unless they break up and “go straightMuslim families who refuse to attend “Christian Bible classes”kids who can’t prove their immigration status, and more.”

Admittedly, i only skimmed the article, but this quote alone should give you a pretty good idea of how awful they are.

EDIT: I also just learned of this:

Of course, the bigotry of the Salvation Army proved to be deadly towards a transgender woman in Austin, Texas just before Christmas in 2008.

Two years ago today trans woman Jennifer Gale was found dead sleeping on an Austin sidewalk outside a homeless shelter run by the Salvation Army. 
because they refused to take her in.


I want everybody to understand what happened here. They refused to take in a trans woman, and she died as a result. They killed a trans woman. Killed. Because they “disagreed with her lifestyle”.

You wanna know why I can’t just be all “oh well, it’s their opinion, they’re entitled to it” when it comes to bigotry? This. This is fucking why.

Tried to tell a friend about this a couple of years ago and she got genuinely angry with me for “spoiling everything nice”. I haven’t spoiled anything, goddamnit, they’re the ones killing trans women! It would still have happened if you didn’t know about it!


I wish more people knew about this shit.

Holy crap.

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