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Buy your gifts here: Tumblr-approved Etsy shops and other crafters

Earlier I mentioned that this year, I want to buy more of my gifts from small businesses and Etsy sellers instead of mega-corps. I asked my crafty readers to send me links to their or their friends’ online shops/Etsy stores so I could make a list. Here’s the list!

(if you want to be added, send me your shop name!)

soobee art

Gewgaws & Gimcracks (*stunning* pearl jewelry made by one of my personal tumblr pals)

Elegant Subway

Sparrow Nest Script

Lone Wolf Accents



American Link

Cute or Death


Green Glass Designs

MaddieAGoGo (who says, “My bags are 100% organic cotton and I do custom orders! The profits help pay my medical bills, so if you could publish my shop that would be so great!”)


Tesoro Jewelry (Harry Potter stuff!)

Royal Baubles

Other Side of the Universe

Art Over Chaos

Snappy Shop (fab aprons!!)

offscreen (includes a cross-stitch that says “fuck the patriarchy” and lots and lots of cute cat toys)

Sunshine Getaway


Cleverplane Confections (handmade *candy*)

Sharpest Rose


Steampunk Girls

Spencer’s Diamonds

The Leighton Pearl

Cecily Perez

Eclipsical Jewelry

Raven’s Gifts

Bubble Genius

LibertyBliss (custom hammocks for ferrets, rats and hamsters)

Lady Steam Designs

Duck & Cover Crafts

Ariadne Yarns

Soaps and Suds

Nice Buzz


South Sweet Home



Kommoner (in Australia but ships elsewhere)

Famiry Motels

Itsy Bitsy Curio

Delphine Handmade

Annie’s Fingers (does not contain any actual fingers — more along the felt-crafts-and-hand-drawn-cards line)


FoldsBoz12 (a reader’s 12-year-old son’s origami mounted on cards)


Jasper’s Junk

Hogwarts and the TARDIS

Lost Sheep Gardens


Calligraphy by Erin

Adelheide Jewelry

Ali Buttons Jewelry

Devils & Daffodils

Blue Rose Design

Damn Fine Designs (pie & donut earrings!)

A Case of the Nerds (custom iPad/Kindle cases)



If you like sci-fi romance novels, get my friend’s eBook here!

If you’re looking for some other book porn, here’s my list of better books than 50 Shades of Grey

One reader wrote: “In addition to supporting the crafters on Etsy, I’d like to suggest browsing the artisans of Novica as well. Novica is a partnership between National Geographic and artisans the world over so you can buy unique wares directly from the talented people who make them and not the people who take advantage of them. It supports their independence and the economic stability of their communities.”

Need a custom item? Check out (It stands for “U Need It I Make It”.) It’s like when Etsy had the Alchemy section. From their website: “simply post a new project request with a description of the item you want. Our artists will bid on your project with their estimates and you will have the option of choosing which artist you would like to work with.”

Another option is GoodKarma, which offers sustainable, functional handmade items for the home.

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