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On Monday, Virginia state Delegate Bob Marshall (R-Prince William County) filed a “personhood” bill, which states that life begins at conception and proposes to give constitutional rights to a fertilized egg. The bill proposes to give “unborn children at every stage of development all the rights, privileges, and immunities available to other persons, citizens, and residents of the Commonwealth.

I totally missed this…because it NEVER seems to end.


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    accio—timelords: I agree with this. And you know what? That’s ok. Here in America, we’re allowed to have different...
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    I want to know the implications of this law on miscarriages. Would the woman be held culpable if her body rejects this...
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    hoooly shit, this too. " If passed this would ban emergency contraception, birth control pills, and IUDs as well as all...
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    why hasn’t this argument ended yet
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    Again… even if you give a zygote/fetus the full rights of a person (do they get a vote? do they pay taxes? does the...
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    Oh fuck no! Bob McDonnell already got his regulation shit passed… fuck this shit. Where do I sign up to beat the hell...
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    accio—timelords: I highly disapprove, not to mention it makes many things legally very messy and is not at all...
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    Does this mean my fetus has the right to bear arms?
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    Fuck’s SAKE. This shit didn’t even pass in the deep South. They’re going to try to pull this fuckery here too? AUGH.
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    why, oh why, when will this bullshit propaganda end? why do people not care about other people? what is wrong with this...
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    Of course it would be Bob Marshall. Of course it would be. He came to VCU last year for a debate about same-sex marriage...
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    Only a matter of time before personhood rights extend all the way to pregnant people!
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    so we can pepper spray from conception?
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    Are they seriously gonna try this in all 50 states or something?? Just stop.
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    Well, no more contraceptives for Virginia. Good luck with a huge influx of teen pregnancy.
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    What if the “widdle unborn babyyyy” turns out to be gay? They won’t have the same rights then.
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    Starting to think that Mississippi voting down this bullshittery was just like, a dare to every other state trying for...
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    another attack on the pill, what?
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