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apparently these were dropped on the OWS protests. My friend thinks they’re hilarious. :\


Yeah and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. They’re threatening to take our teaching and landscaping jobs? Funny they used those for examples because I believe there actually is a deficit of people willing to do those particular jobs.

I find it fascinating that they use their “5am to 10pm” argument as if they’re the only sector that works that schedule. I’m in software development crunch mode right now and am going to be doing pretty much those hours Mon-Sat until Christmas. Not only that but Americans are surprisingly the most likely to work for next to nothing to stay competitive.

Also they’re the 1%, by that statement alone it implies that there aren’t that many of them. I can’t imagine adding a couple thousand people to the middle-class workforce would be all that destabilizing and it certainly wouldn’t destroy overtime (who’s getting “double time and a half?”) or your high school baseball team.

So what’s the argument here? “We’re so good at scamming people you actually want us to be rich and on wall st. so we won’t be scamming you locally!”

Yeah I think these are hilarious but I’m willing to bet it’s not for the reasons your friend does.


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    You should kill us all on sight Look I’m not saying we should kill them. This letter just freaked me the fuck out and...
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    I would actually love to see one of them take my former retail job. Or better yet, the job of one of the people who...
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    can i even begin to list the ways this is so fucked up?
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    Oh fuck them very much. -daughter of someone in education who is stretched very thin maybe those assholes can...
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    I think that it’s hilarious that they think that teachers can just start teaching, coach a team, and magically earn 85k....
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  12. rakaizombie said: Fuck these guys. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve submitted a job app and told them that “I will do literally anything you ask me too for minimum wage” and there simply wasn’t room.
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    i don’t really know much about this movement but i don’t think the people who wrote this flyer really know what it’s...
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    Yeah, I’d like to see how many of them would swallow their pride and be willing to spend their next two years getting...
  19. terminalsigma said: Their contempt and hatred are a poor mask for their fear.
  20. aroseinmisery said: Historically when the poor vastly outnumber the rich, a revolution occurs. Personally, I can’t WAIT.
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