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Big Warning: The video linked above can be a bit disturbing

eugeniedefranval submitted: Peaceful female protesters pepper sprayed for asking police officers why.

Protest organizers estimated that about 85 people had been arrested and that about five were struck with pepper spray. Among those was Chelsea Elliott, 25, who said that she was sprayed after shouting “Why are you doing that?” as an officer arrested a protester at East 12th Street.

"I was on the ground sobbing and couldn’t breathe," she said. The ongoing protests, against a financial system that participants say favors the rich and powerful over ordinary citizens, started last Saturday, and were coordinated by a New York group called the General Assembly.


Wow, that is some terrifying stuff. Someone is going to have to explain for what has gone down out there. Today we’re all left with the same question when faced with this disgusting perversion of justice “Why?”


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    I would like to think that someone will be held accountable for what happened here, but I highly doubt they will. After...
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    what the hell?…what’s going on in new york? peacefully stand up against a system that favors the rich and get frickin...
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    Its so hard to love your country when things like this are allowed to happen.
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    the law enforcement (and criminal justice system) in america is fucking disgusting. innocent people such as those in the...
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    If you’re not pissed off, you’re not paying attention.
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    We now know the violent and unjustified assault on these women using pepper spray was carried out by Deputy Inspector...
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    the police are here for our protection are they not? to protect the people. who are they protecting here?
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    This is vile.
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    I am confused we pay taxes that fund cops that then protect the rich Corporations that run this country? While this “1%”...
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    oh my god
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